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What Does Depression Look Like?

Updated: Jan 31

First of all, I would like to congratulate and recognise the stellar performance by British Poet Hussain Manawer at the 1 Million Minute Awards which took place last night, hosted by Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins from ITV's Good Morning Britain.

1 Million Minutes is a campaign to help raise awareness of loneliness in the UK through volunteering and last night an Award Ceremony took place right inside the GMB's Studios, where everyday people who have selflessly given up their time to help people around the country who are dealing with loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety were awarded and celebrated for all their hard work. From he bottom of my heart I say thank you to all involved.

Hussain Manawer performed an extremely poignant poem about these issues and was invited back this morning to join the GMB Panel to discuss the previous night's events. While he was sharing some of his personal experiences about his own struggles with grief, he said something that really struck a chord with me. "What Does Depression Look Like?"

My followers will already know that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year after 4 years of investigations and that Depression is a HUGE aspect of the condition, however, it is an invisible illness and from my experience, a lot of sufferers are very savvy at hiding their emotions on a day to day basis. If you were ever to see me out and about, you would never imagine how broken, sad, lonely or even suicidal I was really feeling on the inside, because I'd be rocking my armour: my Red Lipstick and a huge smile for everyone who I encountered on that day. Let me tell you, its absolutely exhausting, and the frightening thing is that there are millions of us out here that are feeling the impact of Chronic Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness and so on, with a large quantity of people, suffering in silence.

It is very common for those affected by Depression to isolate themselves which leads to loneliness, self medicating with alcohol and or drugs which in my experience is far from the right thing to do. I would advise anyone who is currently suffering alone to reach out to somebody and tell them how you are feeling. There is absolutely no shame in what you are going through and I promise you that you will not be judged negatively. If you find yourself experiencing long periods of low mood, sadness, loss of motivation or appetite, sleep deprivation, thoughts of harming yourself or hallucinations then I implore you to reach out to a family member, friend or medical professional.

So, for me, all the above is what depression "feels" like, however, in terms of what it looks like, I simply cannot say, apart from the fact that it is a faceless monster that will try and trick you into believing that you are worthless and nobody cares. Please trust me when I say, somebody cares. I care and millions of others out there care.

To anyone reading this Article, please be mindful in your day to day lives. Be kind because you just never know how a person is really feeling. To all my depression warriors, keep fighting and take advantage of the links and telephone numbers below if you need someone to talk to.

With heartfelt love and service. xx

Samaritans: 116-123 Email:


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