• Andrea Armstrong

The Art Of Self Development

If I left this earth tomorrow I would be happy with the man I have become. 

I spent the majority of my life as a pain in the arse. (Maybe an understatement) 

I understand life and it’s value much more, the postman, the bin man, lollipop man, shop keeper and that lady who always lets on to you in the street. These people we never actually know anything about, these people play a significant role in our lives. 

Never forget that.

Money is fun, it is not happiness. People might say money is an achievement and success, which could make you happy but money it’s self is just a vehicle to greed. 

What will get you into the city centre on a Monday morning faster, a 200mph Ferrari or a £3 metolink ticket? 

You’re best memories will be in a park, on a beech or in the woods. Playing, not in a mansion, on a private jet or in a flash car. 

Holding your child for the first time, watching their first steps or their first day at school. 

All priceless. 

So two things there 

1 I learnt to respect everybody.

2 I learnt that money has very little value in my happiness.  

I might bump into Irvin Williams every once in a while and just say hi. I know very little about him but still he played a huge part in my life. 

He was a youth worker in Chorlton Manchester, run the youth clubs, and I’d go every week and yes, every week I would cause a problem. 

Every summer holidays we’d go on trips out, and yes every trip I’d cause a problem. 

I have probably had over 15 fights in this mans presence, I distroyed ‘Gill head’ when we stayed over. Terrorised all their staff. 

We once went on a trip to an army camp and yes I was fighting rolling around with lads from another club.

How embarrassing it must have been for him, Do you know how many times I got barred, or told I couldn’t come back? Not once! This guy stuck by me man, always let me back and always let me go on trips! 

And never got a thank you.

Look at me 15 years later, if there was an award then this guy deserves one! Hopefully it’s rewarding enough to him that I’m still alive, not in prison and actually doing well. I’m sure he’s just as surprised as everybody else 😅🙈

Sometimes your little decisions can affect those people you don’t really know dramatically so always be nice, because it’s a double edged sword.


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