• Andrea Armstrong

Forget Kylie Jenner, Lets Talk About Pat McGrath

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last week, you would have seen or heard the Headlines hailing Kylie Jenna of the Kardashian clan, the youngest "Self Made" Billionaire in history due to her extremely successful Cosmetic Line. While I offer my appreciation for this young Woman's achievements, I equally struggle with the concept that she is indeed Self made.

Without the platform of her Superstar status as a Reality TV personality, could one imagine her reaching such heights on her own merit? I'll just let that question hang in the air while I muse about an authentic Make-Up-Artist who literally made her Billions from ground up.

Pat McGrath MBE.

Described by Vogue Magazine as "The Most Influential MUA in the World", Pat McGrath is a Black British icon in the Make-Up industry. Born in Northampton to a Mother from the Windrush generation Jean McGrath, a Woman who inspired her daughter to develop an eye for fashion and beauty, often mixing blends of colors in order to create a tone that would match her complexion perfectly as back in those days none of the leading Cosmetic Houses catered for people of lets say, none white pigmentation. Herein began the journey of a wondrous talent.

In the 1980's, Pat moved to London where she would provide her artistry skills for Editorials and Fashion Shows. Over time she became more and more in demand and began working alongside celebrated Fashion designers such as John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen.

Declared as "Limitless, Diverse and Experimental" Pat created her own Make-Up line named Pat McGrath Labs. As a MUA myself I am wowed by these products. Her Materials are innovative, mesmerizing, exquisite and most importantly, accessible to everyone!

In my humble opinion, Pat McGrath is the true definition of "Self Made". Through hard graft, determination and pure unadulterated, raw, creative talent, she has become a Billionaire on her own merits, relying on nobody else's fame for a step up in the game. Simply inspirational!

We are not defined by publicity and fame but if everyone is forced to fawn over Miss Jenner then let this Article level the playing field....Credit given where credit is absolutely due.

Why not take a look at Pat's fantastic range by visiting

With love and service. xx


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