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Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all! Why? Because it is the only sense capable of triggering something else beyond a sensation and the reaction to it: this plate is hot, that noise is loud, this chair is blue, this cake is sweet, this scent is heady AND it takes you back to that exact moment you fell in love with your first Boyfriend or Girlfriend (sound familiar?).

The link is to our emotion ‘brain’

The reason why smells trigger emotions and subsequently, memories is mainly anatomical. Our sense of smell is the only one of our senses biologically linked to our limbic system, the “brain” of our emotions.

This is what the phenomenon of Proust’s Madeleine refers to – when the French author famously described how the smell of madeleine cakes triggered an (involuntary) memory of his childhood and his Aunt baking.

The issue is, in order to have real scientific leverage, it’d be much more complicated than a marketing message or the incorporation of one “magical” ingredient. The smell of attraction.

A growing number of studies show the important role that body odour plays when choosing a sexual partner, some think it has to do with our genes.

In French, the slang expression “I can’t smell him/her” is commonly used to express when one can’t stand someone. That exact phrase suggests the “social” role that our sense of smell plays in our natural ability to distinguish to the people we get on with from the people we don’t (by using our nose?).

This is probably why scents are so important when it comes to invoking a memory or looking for a sexual partner, the concept of incorporating pheromones in fragrances isn’t such a bad idea after all…

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