• Andrea Armstrong

Are You Connected To Your True Desires?

Five senses! Ignite the connection that will last a lifetime.

You and your environment, everything that surrounds you is a reflection of yourself. Everything you see in this world was created for you and by you. When you connect with the real YOU, that is when the magic begins.

Just imagine being in front of someone that has everything you always wanted in a partner. You can feel each cell of your body reacting to that level of connection. The

energy flowing between you two.

At that precise second you recognize your soulmate; your sacred partner, the love of your life. Each one of your senses awakens one by one.

Your eyes are impacted by the beauty of that person in front of you, the flawlessness, the light, the beaming.

The lightest touch of that skin ignites the hottest desire you could ever envision.

The sound of that voice is musical, and each of the words coming from those lips are words of love and inevitability. You both speak that unique and perfect language… words are no longer needed. YOU KNOW you both feel it.

And that smell, as if all the flowers and gardens and freshness of the world were blended into that fragrance exuding from that body into yours.

Suddenly, your lips merge in a kiss, so profound and long. A kiss that opens your heart and soul. You savor an exotic, recognized taste. Now you know it. At last you found that connection you were looking for all your life. You smile, reminding yourself you had almost lost faith, grateful because you never gave up! Proud of yourself because no matter what, you kept looking and believed… Now, it’s here! Forever. Finally, it has happened to you.

I’ve got news for you: You’ve got this. You already found the connection, the love, the perfect match. Look at the mirror, look at the miracle that you are reflecting. There it is: THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. I know that sometimes it’s not easy to love ourselves.

We could be the cruelest of all judges when it comes to ourselves but… let me tell you a huge secret and the highest truth of all time: until you embrace that deep connection within yourself, you will keep attracting the wrong person into your life. They will deceive you and maybe even leave you. Now you know!

At this point, am I confusing you?

Let me be clear that you are the creator of your life, you can write your love story as you wish.

How will it be from now on?What will you choose? Remember, every choice you make creates an outcome.Do you want to find true connections?Do you want to find your true partner?

It’s very simple: Love yourself!

Go back to the beginning of this blog and have that sacred moment with yourself, yourself. Have a romance with yourself, embrace your perfection. BE YOU! Once you step into your power, connecting thru your senses, once you are in that precious present moment, exuding that magnificence, you will see the world opening to you like a flower in spring. You will be able to finally see all the colors, all the fragrances, all the beauty that surrounds you because at last, you found your home.

Let me invite you to do this exercise to begin your journey:

Each morning look in the mirror and find 3 things you like about yourself. You can start by saying: “I like_______, _______ and ________ about me.” (Example: “I like my smile, my teeth and my shoulders.”)

Stay away from negative words. If you think of something negative, acknowledge it and move on.

Do this today and post on the comments below: What did you see and how did it make you feel?

And remember: YOU ARE A MIRACLE!

With love and service xx


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